STANLEY Login Issues
To log in to and use STANLEY, you must supply a valid username and password and be using a recent version of a standard Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble logging in to the system, use the links below to determine possible problems.
  Recover your STANLEY password.
  Supported browsers.
  Internet Explorer 10x issue.
  Self-service, E-mail and Calendar issues due to Firewall.
  Graduated more than 10 months.
  Netscape JRE issue.
  Session timeout error after clicking Academic Services link.
  Other issues.
  Recover your STANLEY password
   NEW FEATURE: You can now create a set of secret questions to assist with recovering your STANLEY password if you forget it. Instructions Here.

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  Supported browsers
   To log in and use the system effectively, you should be using one of the following Internet browsers If you are trying to log in to STANLEY using another browser, you may experience difficulties.

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  Internet Explorer 10x Compatibility Issue
   If you are experiencing problems accessing your Stanley mail after you have upgraded the Internet Explorer browser. Follow this tutorials to fix display problems with compatibility view.

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  Self-service, Email and Calendar Issues due to Firewall
   STANLEY self-service, email and calendar are not accessible if your computer is behind a firewall. Please consult your system administrator to open the following ports.

  • 80
  • 443
  • 2443
  • 6785
  • 6788
  • 8008
  • 8443
  • 9000
  • 9001
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  I graduated from South Texas College of Law Houston for 10 months or more
   If you graduated more than 10 months ago, your STANLEY account has already been purged from the system. Please contact the Alumni department to become a member of the South Texas College of Law Houston Alumni Community.

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  Netscape JRE Issue
   In order to use the Chat application provided by the Luminis system, your Internet browser must be able to access and run a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In some cases a JVM is provided by your operating system. In other cases, the browser adds a JVM to your computer when it is installed. With Netscape browsers, the JVM is included during installation as part of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). However, in some installations of Netscape, the JRE is an optional installation choice. If your Netscape browser does not have a JRE installed or enabled, you will see a warning message when you first access the Luminis system. If you click continue, you should be able to use all system functionality with the exception of Chat. The first time you try to use Chat without a JVM, you will be prompted to install a plugin. If you accept the plugin, a JVM will be installed and configured for your Netscape browser and you will no longer see the warning message when you try to access the Luminis system.

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  Session timeout error after clicking Academic Services link
   If you have STANLEY set as your home page. Anytime you open a new browser window or tab, the STANLEY login page will delete the current session cookies. This causes a session timeout error and forces you to log in again. The work-around-solution is to remove STANLEY as your default homepage.

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  Other Issues
   Below are some possible log in issues.

  • Non supported browser or branded-browser - Download and install supported browsers.
  • Invalid username or password - Make sure caplock is off then retype your login ID and password. If you forget the password, click here to recover your password.
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